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Below are a list of testimonials about TM Training & Development:

“I just wanted to comment and say I really enjoyed yesterday. Best training course I have been on, Julian is just amazing.” – Feedback from open course in London – February 2020.


“You may remember some time ago I recommended Julian O’Dell to you, anyway we have just used his services again to provide some training for a new negotiator, Anthony who started at our Norfolk office 2 months ago. The course was truly amazing – Anthony came back totally enthused and ready to get cracking. The course was designed for new starters and included, winning business, conducting appraisals, sales skills etc but focused on being exceptional. Julian is really very good at what he does and I know from personal experience he will make a difference. – Belvoir Lettings – October 2019.


Feedback from another successful Rightmove seminar carried out in Cardiff by Julian:

“I was enthralled, educated & entertained when listening to you. You motivated me to try harder. I went back to work that afternoon & won an instruction just from a phone call. Truth is, it was all down to you. Credit goes to you for being such an inspiration” – July 2019.


Some of the feedback from our recent Rightmove event carried out in Leeds by Julian:

“Great session yesterday, some really useful stuff.” – “Many thanks for your exceptional training yesterday.” – “I took so much away from your slot, our director is even talking of bringing you into our office for some training. I hope she does – I’m certainly going to keep nagging her.” – “It was a pleasure to meet and listen to you speak yesterday. There were lots of things that I will be taking away to improve my skills.” – “Thank you for yesterday. It was most helpful for me and my team.” – “Thank you for the presentation as I found this very helpful and informative with some great ideas!” – “I have seen you several times through Rightmove seminars and on each occasion have taken away excellent points to share with my team. which I am grateful for.” – April 2019.


“Please pass on my thanks to all at TM training for the excellent training course today. It was absolutely superb, I wrote about 25 pages of relevant notes and ideas which I look forward to implementing in my business and I will be highly recommending your courses to my peers” – Anthony Pepe – December 2018.

Some of the feedback from our recent Rightmove “The Ultimate Agent” event carried out in Scotland by Julian:

“I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your session on Thursday. you are so good at what you do!” – “Many thanks for yesterday’s Rightmove seminar – I find your talk inspiring.” – ” I did find your talk of real help as we are currently reviewing the manner in which our valuers handle appointments so lots of great pointers there.” – “I attended the Rightmove seminar yesterday and realy enjoyed it, particularly your session – lots of idea and tips to take forward! I look forward to winning many more instructions!” – Thanks for your time today the presentation was brilliant. I have only been in Estate Agency for a month and took a lot from today.” – “Some excellent tips in there that I’ll be passing on to my teams.” – “I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your presentation and found it very helpful.” – “Thank you for your input at the Rightmove Seminar it was very motivational and I have taken several of the hints and tips to implement.”  – November 2018.

Some of the  feedback from our recent Rightmove webinar carried out by Julian:

“I think it’s fantastic!” – “I took a lot from this webinar so thank you Julian for some useful tips.” – “Really enjoyed the training session, Julian answered some great difficult questions very effectively. Just want to throw this in the bag possibly the best webinar I have ever heard!” – “Very good as always” – “Very useful thank you.” – “Julian was excellent.” – “Very informative and easy to understand. Wealth of topics.” – Rightmove Webinar – October 2018.

“And – even with their years of experience and high performance – they came back buzzing with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Thank you Peter!” Wilkinson Grant – September 2018 – Via twitter.

“I have always been a great believer in the importance of regular training. To that end in the 30 years Kevin Henry have been in business we have always made training a priority in ALL markets. To that end Peter and Julian have been without equal. They are more than trainers they are “business partners” who offer a valuable insight into our industry through years of experience and observations. Long may you prosper TM training! – Henry Rowe – Kevin Henry – September 2018

“I found the training session this morning really inspirational” – Janine – Ellis Winters – July 2018

“Having gone on a few sales training courses over the years, attending one through TM training and development was a breath of fresh air. At no point was anyone in attendance not engaged with Julian O’Dell. The sessions were interactive, well-thought out and very easy to follow. I can’t recommend TM training and development highly enough as an Estate Agent, and I know my company will continue to use their services. “ – Simon L’Esperance – The JNP Partnership – February 2018

“Wow, what a day! I thought it was brilliant and I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of you by a long shot so thank you for all the brilliant, practical ideas and tactics you presented.” – Ben Brain – Hannells – February 2018

All three staff members came back buzzing from the “Stars of Tomorrow” course with great ideas and techniques for maximising opportunities in their day to day roles, which I must say have all been implementing and we are already starting to see the results! There will be more staff coming to see you very soon!” – Richard Gosling – Bychoice Estate Agents – December 2017.

Excellent course, please let me know when the next one is, I will be sending some of my staff.  Thankyou – Scott Cave – Humphrey Nicholas – October 2017


Some of the feedback from our recent Rightmove webinar carried out by Julian.

“Really great webinar, thank you” – “I thought the webinar was really interesting, I’ve made lots of notes!” – “Julian is exceptional” – “Excellent content from Julian, as usual!” – “I thought the webinar was full of great facts and information that I can take away and use to better myself, which in turn will better the agency” – “Packed with very useful and informative detail” – “Highlighting what is often forgotten”  – Rightmove Webinar – September 2017.

Just a short email to let you know that I picked up from all of last week’s attendees bar one (who is absent this week) that the session was seen and felt to be a mixture of “so worthwhile”, “great”, “thought provoking”, “one of the best courses I have been on”, “the best course I have attended in years” and many other superlatives.

Well done and thanks…………for designing a great course, for delivering it with passion, and for really succeeding in “connecting” with my people.Ian Davies, Director – Grosvenor Billinghurst – June 2017

“Thank you Julian for imparting so much knowledge in such a short space of time and in such an upbeat and enthusiastic way.  Your course was excellent value, we are in the process of implementing all your suggestions and your ‘golden nuggets’ into our business. Your training will not only change the way we operate but has subtlety changed our use of language which I can see is already having a positive effect with our clients/prospects.  I have no doubt that your teaching will set us aside from the other agents in our town and get us on the way to becoming truly exceptional at what we do.I shall certainly recommend your services to my fellow Belvoir Franchise owners and Belvoir Central Office.Thank you very much.”Patsy Day, Director – Belvoir Lettings Bury St Edmunds and Norfolk- May 2017

“I found the concepts we were being told about really interesting, and I fully intend to apply them to my work. It also helped that Julian is such an engaging speaker! Winning sweets was also nice!”Bethany – Davis Tate – May 2017

“Thank you!  Julian, I really enjoyed yesterday’s training, it was the most useful training I have been on for such a long time.  Practical measures that make sense and are rooted in the real world of Estate Agency from someone that has walked the walk.” Samantha, Davis Tate – May 2017

“I wanted to say thank you for the excellent training with Peter. I have utilised the training given in so many ways at work, particularly ‘setting the agenda’, which I use all day long in sales and as an administrator. We use all the sales techniques Peter demonstrated throughout the day as a team too.” – Carina, Webbers – November 2015

“I think we all agree that Peter is a great trainer and facilitator – he really understands our issues and of course is a property expert.” – Malcolm Prescott – November 2015

“Having now seen Julian in action his enthusiasm and positive attitude will encourage any negotiator/lister,  whether new to agency or a seasoned veteran like myself, his enthusiastic presentation is infectious and he has a great sense of awareness of his surrounding, Julian can also engage a whole room of attendees at the same time is able to rebuke with a sense of humour ! Even the most practised agent should be able to apply Julian’s principles and learn from his experiences due to the fact that he has been a successful agent in his area for a long time and his understanding of a difficult market makes it easier for other agents to take his advice on board.  So the moral of this story is ….’Even old dogs can learn New Tricks ‘”Heather Sparks, Frost Partnership – October 2015

I have had a really positive response from the team that took part in the training, most of them said it was the best they had ever participated in and that a lot of that was down to you. Everyone has come back into the offices with lots of new ideas that they want to implement and are really buzzing!” – Mike Marsh, Raine & Co – September 2015

“Cool, thanks & please thank Peter – he was far too thought provoking (that’s the easy bit) now just got to put it into action!” – Peter Maskell, Brock Taylor – May 2015

“We have worked for some time with the greatly respected and industry-recognised Julian O’Dell, who should rightfully claim some of the credit for our success – he is an industry award-winning trainer and in turn he helps us to become the award-winning estate agents we are.

A big “thank you” to Julian for helping us become better and better. With his guidance we have tried to aim our training at being exceptional and to provide an exceptional service – resulting in exceptional results.”Tony Putterill, Putterills – February 2015

“We have used Julian O’Dell of TM Training & Development on numerous occasions now and consider his company to be the main trainers for all National Homes Network member agents (both sales and lettings). The impact that his training sessions have had on our members has been significant, even teaching old dogs new tricks! The other aspect of Julians training that we’ve noticed is the increased levels of enthusiasm and motivation amongst staff members who have attended his sessions, and their increased desire to improve customer service in all their touch points with clients. We would not hesitate to recommend Julian and TM Training & Development to any independent agency, as long as they were not in competition!” – Eric Woodhams NHN – July 2013

“Relocation Agent Network has been recommending TM training & development to our members since 2003. We have heard nothing but praise from the feedback on their sessions. Indeed from one I attended personally I overheard the comment from someone who made a point of speaking to Julian at the end of a session – ‘as a seasoned estate agent I can honestly say that was the best training session I’ve ever attended’, praise indeed.

Our selected members are amongst the best estate agents in the industry and we strive to ensure that the service providers we recommend to them are of the highest calibre. Judging by the repeat business TM Training receives from our members I believe their sessions deliver to the highest standards. TM Training is run by estate agents and this adds to their credibility. Their programmes are well researched, planned and executed. They have presented a variety of sessions at our annual Network Conference and the results are always very positive. They are innovative but well grounded and challenging but realistic.

We know that the cost of training during the past two to three years has been one which many agents will have turned away from but for those that have invested with TM training & development and continue to do so they will keep their businesses and staff at the very forefront of competiveness in the market place” – Richard Tucker, Relocation Agent Network – June 2013

“I have known Julian for over 20 years and in more recent years he has been a great help to the businesses that we work with in delivering industry leading training in a clear and precise and upbeat manner, the teams always enjoy his sessions, they have a respect for his belief in delivering excellent customer service combined with making the most of every opportunity. As a business we therefore receive an excellent return on our investment.” – Jon Cooke LSLI/Fine & Country – July 2013 

“T M Training are a regular fixture in our yearly calendar and have been for some years. What sets Julian and Peter apart is an ability to talk from their everyday experiences as estate agents on the front lines and create practical training and advice that really can be used. We have over the years implemented, with great success, many of the processes and practices which they share and the sessions we run receive outstanding feedback from our team with them always left wanting more!” – Mark Manning Manning Stainton – July 2013

“We have used TM training and Julian O’Dell in particular for our training needs throughout the last 12 months. Without doubt the training provided by Julian has been a huge success and consistently the feedback that we get from our delegates is that they love the fact that not only is the training delivered by a real life estate agent, but that the training itself has real practical applications that are immediately available for putting in to practice by the delegates. We have actual instances where our delegates have been able to identify exactly where the training that has been given by Julian has been put in to practice in its purest form which has resulted in quantifiable results which can be directly attributed to pounds, shilling and pence results. The overriding feedback from all our delegates is that they thoroughly enjoy participating, and engaging with the training, and that above all else they are highly motivated by, and committed to the unique style of delivery that Julian O’Dell uses to great effect.” – Simon Thurston Enfields – July 2013

“We would normally quote 1.5% and would probably have matched the other agent’s fee. However they had just come back from Julian O’Dell’s training course and felt confident about our service and about asking for a decent fee. So they quoted 2%. And guess what the seller said? “Yes, that is fine”. A great testimonial to Julian’s training.”Sean Newman, Newmans – July 2012

“I thought the training was extremely good. With good relevant and current content delivered in a effective and stimulating way. I thought It was one of the best training sessions that I have attended in my 48 years + in the workplace”John Lipscombe, JNP – November 2011

“Having now seen you in action, I am very disappointed in myself at not having made the effort to sooner! Your enthusiasm and positive method of presenting is infectious and your ability to engage and challenge even the most experienced agents is extremely valuable to anyone who makes the effort to apply the principles and content you delivered on the day. The fact that you are a successful practising agent provides a unique perspective”Roger Wilkinson, Wilkinson & Grant – September 2011

“I am delighted to inform you that the managers training session appears to have been a huge success in many ways with the most immediate change being the morning meetings. The feedback I have received is that many were doing a quick 10 minutes most days but since introducing a more formal agenda as well as ‘inspecting’ what is going on they can already see a real benefit.”Wendy Wood, Manning Stainton – October 2012

“Just about to email you about that, after 38 years of many training sessions, I found Julian very professional and informative and I know for a fact Sophie and Rebecca have gained a lot. Great afternoon thanks!”Dee, Roseberry Newhouse – October 2012

“Many thanks indeed for another excellent training day on Friday. We covered some really good stuff, as well as some topics that we hadn’t expected…”Lucy Taylor, Scott Fraser – November 2011

“I thought drop you a quick line regarding the training we have been having for last 4 years with TM training & development. Since we started with one off courses over 4 years ago we now have found over last five years when had monthly consultancy with Peter Chapman that not only are staff more motivated but our bottom line has increased as well. Peter’s knowledge of lettings and the London market has proved invaluable and I would highly recommend him”Richard Palfreeman, Northfields – December 2012

“Once again, a big thank you for the “Dare to be Different” course last Friday – we all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt truly inspired afterwards!”Sue Johns, Kevin Henry – February 2007

“Many thanks for sending me the course notes etc. I have put into practice many of the techniques and have already seen good results. Today I left a couple to talk at the end of my presentation for a few minutes and went andphotographed the garden, when I came back in they had decided to go ahead (and our fee was 1/4 % higher than the competitors )”Victoria Cheney, ESPC – October 2004

“The content of the session was clear, concise and well structured, incorporating a mixture of individual and group discussion all held together by Julian O’Dell who manages, with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter, to skilfully involve every individual in the room. Whilst seeming to put no individual in the spotlight, he managed to inform delegates and draw thoughts, ideas and often very frank honesty from a diverse group of people who in other situations are often far less forthcoming”Steve Thompson, Thomas Morris – September 2010

“Just to let you know that Maggie has come back from the training really excited, she has already been booking valuations differently and I have been listening and observing and they have been great!”Katie Savill, Inter County – September 2011